Le città del mondo


Many of us are used to taking notes during our travels, to not forget, to reflect once we return home, to collect moments. In his book Le città del mondo, Eraldo Affinati offers us his perspective and thoughts on the three hundred cities of his life. Rome and the Garden of Oranges, Tirana and the squares reminiscent of De Chirico’s paintings, Moscow and the Church of St. John the Warrior. Places that the author has visited in reality, in imagination, or has dreamed of.

This book interests us because it is a labyrinth that evokes worlds at every turn and pushes us to create just as many. Three hundred fertile pages, capable of lighting up insights and a question: How many cities are there in our lives? Just to answer that question, it would be worth picking up a pen and starting to list them.

Eraldo Affinati, Le città del mondo, Feltrinelli, 2024

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