Picasso. Una biografia


Strange person Pablo Picasso, bizarre genius and powerful presence, not only in the History of Art worldwide but also in his private affections and relationships with colleagues and friends. For those who wish to traverse his life, from his great artistic achievements to his more fragile private relationships, there is a comprehensive and well-written biography considered almost a bible of the artist. It was written by Patrick O’Brian, a British writer, essayist and translator, and he did it thanks both to his direct acquaintance with Picasso and by studying the literature and documents about him.

This book interests us because it is a biography that draws art lovers into a history within history, it is didactic and at the same time flows like a novel.

Patrick O’Brian, Picasso. A Biography, Longanesi, 2023 (new edition)

Life in the gallery

The visual illiteracy of italians


The visual illiteracy of italians

“From elementary school, our children should immediately learn to ‘see’, to associate art, cinema, literature, and history.” Vincenzo Trione in Corriere della Sera, June 25, 2024

Since 2023, Studio Gariboldi has been offering the public and collectors a series of meetings and courses aimed at providing tools to approach artworks from different perspectives. In the gallery, on Thursday afternoons and Saturday mornings, once a month, original human creatures take turns for reflections and views on the world.

“One of the greatest challenges of this moment is finding an effective key to offer a more in-depth and comprehensive vision of the work of artists and the historical period in which they are situated. At the same time, to train the eye of those who visit my gallery. Whether they are students doing internships or the general public. To see, one must know how to look, and this is not taught in any school.” Giovanni Gariboldi in Italics, June 2024


Van Gogh, una biografia


Worker, couchette attendant on night trains, graphic designer, Frédéric Pajak has known extreme poverty and, through poetry, writing, and drawing, has managed to find his rightful place in the world. The book “Van Gogh, a Biography,” translated by Nicolò Petruzzella, is a mixture of words and images, Pajak’s drawings, and the reconstruction of a special life, like all lives, but just a little more so.

We are interested in it because it is profoundly human, especially in the poignant ink drawings created by the author.

“Pajak has invented a new genre, the ‘graphic essay’. Or perhaps he didn’t invent it, but what is certain is that he has brought it to its most perfect form.” Le Nouvel Observateur

Frédéric Pajak, “Van Gogh, una biografia”, dalla serie Manifesto Incerto, L’Orma editore, 2023



Panorama Monferrato


Studio Gariboldi from 4 to 8 September 2024 with ITALICS will participate in the Panorama Monferrato project.Our gallery presents a work by artist Salvatore ScarpittaSalvatore Scarpitta.
An exhibition curated by Carlo Falciani, involving 61 galleries with site-specific works. The exhibition takes place in four towns: Camagna, Vignale, Montemagno and Castagnole, each with a specific theme. The initiative emphasises how art, in dialogue with the territory, can narrate social transformations. You will find us with Salvatore Scarpitta’s work in the village of Camagna.

Info at




Opening on Thursday, May 9th, from 11:00 AM to 8:00 PM.

Studio Gariboldi presents the exhibition “I Feel Good” on Thursday, May 9th, showcasing how pop culture icons have influenced the works of around twenty prominent artists.

Featuring works by Aldo Mondino, Al Hansen, Claes Oldenburg, Dino Buzzati, Katsumi Nakai, Keith Haring, Key Hiraga, Lucio Del Pezzo, Mary Bauermeister, Milena Milani, Nobuya Abe, Remo Bianco, Salvo, Sebastiano Vassalli, Stefano Arienti, and Valerio Adami.

From May 9th to July 26th, 2024, at 23 Corso Monforte, Milan.


An exhibition by Giorgio Cardazzo Catalani


Thursday, February 22nd, from 6:00 pm, the exhibition VICEVERSA inaugurates: a reflective journey on the investigation of the Self and contemporary narcissism. Through twenty-seven works made of brass, wood, and aluminum, the artist establishes connections with the audience by using reflective materials and carefully chosen words.
THEHEAVINESSOFLOVE, TODOORNOTTODO, RESTINTHEONLYSOFTNESS are among the suggestions offered during the immersive experience in the halls of Corso Monforte 23.
Among all the works, the double plaque NARCISO stands out, summarizing the entire exhibition and inviting the viewer to choose their position in the world, in that precise moment of life.

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