Quando ci scopriremo poeti nessuno potrà prenderci


“What I cannot see is no longer an obstacle: it is desire. Not seeing is the anticipation of seeing.”

We are used to always looking at everything, wanting to see, and managing to do so. But not everything is within our sight, not everything is revealed to us. Here, then, is the author’s suggestion: transform the obstacle into a resource, fuel the desire.

This is relevant to us because we often view works of art merely as objects hanging on walls and believe that viewing is an entirely individual action. However, sometimes looking together allows us to see something more. Chicca Gagliardo’s book is an experience and can be used as a reflective map for orientation, or the opposite. Disorienting ourselves, losing familiar points of reference, to rediscover and rewrite ourselves.

Chicca Gagliardo, Quando ci scopriremo poeti nessuno potrà prenderci, Hacca Edizioni, 2024

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