January – March 2018

Every pair is formed through a dialogue. Each of it maintains this contact until it founds new and different ways of comprehension. There are couples that become an absolute value, some of them are mutually complementary and others make one plus one be equal three.

When a work of art enters in our visual space, at that very moment it starts to communicate with us.

Studio Gariboldi would like to present its own vision through the exhibition Dialoghi. Still life or paso doble, the pairs are aesthetic harmonies ready to create a multilateral relationship with the collector. It will be the fantasy and the culture of each spectator to call forth emotions and to discover new meanings.

Artists in the exhibition: Mary Bauermeister, Antonio Calderara, César, Pinot Gallizio, Laura Grisi, Yves Klein, Jannis Kounellis, Kaspar Thomas Lenk, Edgar Negret, Gastone Novelli, Pino Pascali, Salvatore Scarpitta