April – May 2012

by Giovanni Gariboldi

Space and its boundaries. Time in its relationships with optical perception.
Volumes. Lines and colors. Projects and programs applied with perseverance and style.
Many concentrated on the figurative in the 1950s. Many transformed it into informal form. Into concept, synthesis of lines.
J. R. Soto used time, light and colors. A work never equal to itself.
Some feel a sense of discomfort when they see his works. The eye mystifies the forms and creates a problem of perception.
No prevaricating impulse of emotion or of gesture. A lucid application of forms, anonymous or amorphous, to create a lucid set of geometries.
Always on the trail of analysis of the effects of light on the work of art and its context, in the voyage through the greatest and most singular composers of the artistic Concept.
Jesus Rafael Soto, over whom I will not digress further, since we all know him, is the Artist of the kinetic/optical world.
We are very proud to present this exhibition.