February – May 2021

Womanhood is a collective exhibition that explores different aspects of femininity through the eyes of the acclaimed artists.
We have searched artworks that could express the “being feminine” in various ways, either through the represented subject, style or through the borrowed themes or symbols.
Other times the decision was made thanks to the touch, the attitude or the position in relation to the way of being that has a precise sensitivity.
Conceptual or figurative, conscious or not, these works offer to the spectators a point of view, an emphasis on a narrative where women are protagonists.
Every accurately selected artwork is not only faithful for date and style to its artist, but is also able to engage with those who appreciate it. Creeping into the emotional and intellectual processes of the spectator, it resonates, both in content and feeling.
What the artist is trying to tell us? He moves within the stereotype like in the work by Dino Buzzati or he refuse it, veiling it, like in the Monna Lisa artwork by De Dominicis?
Is it a statement, as in the “sorrows” of Ida Applebroog or is it a blatant and rebellious youth of the Pin Up by Peter Blake?
The beauty of these artworks alongside one another resides in the testimony of the expressive freedom that Art, when it is such, is able to pass.
To gather the signs of their time and to launch a vision in perspective, to offer food for thought that go beyond the usual mindset and manner of representing women and men.

EXHIBITED ARTISTS | Ida Applebroog, Franco Assetto, Mary Bauermeister, Peter Blake, Dino Buzzati, Letizia Cariello, Francesco Clemente, Chuck Close, Gino De Dominicis, Kuniyoshi Kaneko, Yayoi Kusama, Man Ray, Milena Milani, Louise Nevelson, Mimmo Rotella, Andy Warhol