by Giorgio Cardazzo Catalani

The solo show invites the audience to delve into a reflection on self-inquiry through words engraved on reflective materials.

VICEVERSA consists of twenty works made of brass, wood, and aluminum, forming a journey articulated in three rooms where the reflecting material becomes the central element of all the exhibited works. Cardazzo Catalani creates a connection between his works and the viewer that develops in two ways: when the audience sees themselves reflected in the artwork or when they are invited to become guardians of words capable of evoking reactions or reflections.


BOXES, wood and brass, 19.7×5.9×5.9 inches
Five vibrantly colored boxes with a verb engraved on the lid. However, the interest deepens when it is discovered that each also conceals a word within. Between the outside and the inside, different combinations are created capable of producing connections of meaning. It’s as if each box were an enigma to be unraveled. A question to be answered in the here and now, or in the time of prolonged reflection.

Narciso, made of reflective aluminum, invites meditation on the aesthetic and pathological narcissism of our times. It is a participatory exercise aimed at transforming the simple vision or non-vision of oneself into an immersive experience of awareness. If I place myself at the center, if I am centered, there is no need to reflect on the surface of the work.

NARCISO, wood and aluminum, 7.9×7.9 inches (x2)


METRON, wood, brass, aluminum, 39.4x1x0.8 inches
Metron are pairs of meters that converse with each other and with the observer. Instruments created with wood, aluminum, and brass, designed to operate through specific terms that evoke, in their dualism, the symbolism of yin and yang. Each Metron becomes a possible bridge between language and the mystery of universal balance.


LENTI, Brass, wood, paper, 2.6×1.6×2.2 inches

The Lenses enclose small secrets: phrases that, at first glance, may seem like simple concepts, but reveal their true essence only when examined with a magnifying glass. The word inside each lens can become the mirror of our thoughts or a question awaiting an answer.

POLIEDRI, wood, brass, aluminum, 39.4x1x0.8 inches
are eight, made of wood and brass, which when connected, become catalysts for a discussion forum on the nature of existence. Each polyhedron is a gateway to new reflections and endless questions, inviting the viewer to explore the many facets of being.

VICEVERSA marks Giorgio Cardazzo Catalani’s first solo show.

The artist, son of Renato Cardazzo, co-founder with Carlo Cardazzo of the ‘Galleria del Naviglio’ in Milan, reveals today exclusively his authentic artistic identity after thirty years of exhibitions signed with numerous and well-known pseudonyms.