The Gariboldi Gallery was established in Milan in 1981.
In 1998 it has moved from its original address at Largo Richini, 4 to Corso Monforte, 23. Here Studio Gariboldi started on a path of artistic and cultural exploration, which concentrated primarily on the roots of the Italian, European and International Informal Art of the 1950s.

The constant research and detailed study of the artists of the Post-War and Milanese movements, such as Spatialism and Nuclear Art, not only helped Studio Gariboldi to form unique and original taste, but also enforced a natural transition from the bidimensionality to tridimensionality. An artwork that would occupy the entire exposition space was in fact the turning point of the end of the 1950s that drove some artists to found and converge in different Italian and International artistic movements.

In the past few years the objective of the gallery was to pursuit the real values of the Art History, making a precise research on the European avant-garde art of the 1960s. Studio Gariboldi’s ultimate goal is to define a personal taste that goes hand to hand with the obtained results.

Studio Gariboldi is facing the Art Market by focusing on artistic qualities of the works and especially on offering a precise and coherent style to the collectors. We firmly believe that the making of art and its collecting must be far from speculative conveniences and have to be anchored to a solid knowledge of the art world.

In 2014 the gallery moved to its new location, the former Faema factory of Milan situated in Via Giovanni Ventura 5.