Viaggio nell’arte attraverso i corpi delle donne


Appearances, falls, beautiful wives, and a poem by Patrizia Cavalli that bestows special words upon the title of the book. The journey proposed by Roberta Scorranese is not solely one of form, that of bodies, but also of substance, the depth of our gaze. If on one hand it’s all a matter of light, on the other, one of the senses most abused, sight, regains value within the pages of this essay. Upon finishing the reading, the book can be used as a navigation map to revisit known works of art and reclaim them from a different perspective.

We are interested because it contributes to refining our ability to look at the masterpieces of art.

Roberta Scorranese, “A questo serve il corpo: viaggio nell’arte attraverso i corpi delle donne”, Bompiani, 2023.

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