Van Gogh, una biografia


Worker, couchette attendant on night trains, graphic designer, Frédéric Pajak has known extreme poverty and, through poetry, writing, and drawing, has managed to find his rightful place in the world. The book “Van Gogh, a Biography,” translated by Nicolò Petruzzella, is a mixture of words and images, Pajak’s drawings, and the reconstruction of a special life, like all lives, but just a little more so.

We are interested in it because it is profoundly human, especially in the poignant ink drawings created by the author.

“Pajak has invented a new genre, the ‘graphic essay’. Or perhaps he didn’t invent it, but what is certain is that he has brought it to its most perfect form.” Le Nouvel Observateur

Frédéric Pajak, “Van Gogh, una biografia”, dalla serie Manifesto Incerto, L’Orma editore, 2023

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