After five years since the first Manifesto of the Spatial Art has been written, many “facts” have happened in the art field. We will not examine them one by one, but we can register one precise fact: the collapse of those currents that wanted to go on or to remain in the grips of the “in every way contingent and terrestrial reality” or to deny any reality by evading to an abstract daydreaming which has become unproductive, empty and desperate abstruseness.
These five years have oriented the artists exactly towards our sense: considering reality those spaces, that vision of the universal matter, of which science, philosophy, art within the knowledge and intuition, have nurtured the spirit of man. And we have witnessed a series of events that undertook to attack the new vision of creation in micros immersed in the spaces, trying to represent figuratively that energy, now been clearly established as “strict matter” and those spaces seen as “plastic matter”.
We reaffirm now the priority of art as the force of intuition of the creation and we proceed on the same path, perceiving through the artworks the points of the spirit that knowledge will reach.

Anton Giulio Ambrosini  Virgilio Guidi  Giancarlo Carozzi  Beniamino Joppolo  Roberto Crippa  Milena Milani  Mario Deluigi  Berto Morucchio Gianni Dova  Cesare Peverelli  Lucio Fontana  Vinicio Vianello

(from the debate held at Galleria del Naviglio in Milan, evening 26 November 1951).

IV Manifesto of the Spatialism. Milan 1951