The work of art is destroyed by time.
When, later, in the final fire of the universe, even the time and the space will no longer exist, there will be no memory of monuments raised by man, although not even one hair on his forehead will have gotten lost.

We have no intention to abolish the art of the past o to stop life: we want the picture to break away from its frame and the sculpture from its bell jar. An expression of aerial art for a minute is as if it continued to last for a millennium, in eternity. To this end, thanks to the resources of the modern technology, we will make appear in the sky:

artificial forms,
rainbows of wonder,
luminous writtings.

If, at first, inside his towers, the artist represented himself and his wonder and he saw the landscape through the glass, and, then, he came down from the castles to the cities, breaking down the walls and intermixing within other men, he saw from near the trees and the objects, today, us, the spatial artists, we escaped from our cities, we have broken our seal, our physical cortex and we looked down on ourselves, photographing the Earth from the flying rockets.

With that we don’t exalt the primacy of our minds on this world, but we want to regain our true face, our true image: a change awaited by all the creation, anxiously.

Let the spirit to spread its light, in the freedom that was given to us.

Milan 18 March 1948

II Manifesto compiled by Fontana, Dova, Joppolo, Kaisserlian, Milena Milani, Tullier. Milan, 1948.