November – January 2024

thirteen French post-war artists

16 November 2023 – 26 January 2024

Studio Gariboldi presents RÊVERIES thirteen post-war French artists.
On show a group of works that state a harmonious and elegant way of interpreting informal art.
Thirteen Masters of Modern Art who walked the streets of Paris in the years when writing, music and art were an important combination. Some of them also signed novels and poems, others have expanded their research in cinema and theatre, all of them, thanks to their experiences, came to bring elegant colour combinations to canvas, producing the best informal art of the 1950s and 1960s.

RÊVERIES is a daydream, a romantic ballad through the abstract shapes reminiscent of the animal world of Jean-Michel Atlan, the puzzle combinations of Serge Poliakoff, the careful and powerful arrangements of black lines on a coloured background by Hans Hartung, and again the elegance of Jean Fautrier, the most important pioneering of Informal. On show also the geometric painting of the abstract artist Aurélie Nemours, whose work is characterized by accuracy and spirituality. Studio Gariboldi’s choices also include the artists Jean Messagier and Maurice Estève, present in the greatest French museums and protagonists of lyrical abstractionism. The exhibition closes with Alfred Manessier, a multifaceted painter, famous not only for his paintings but also for his theatrical sets, the kinetic artist Pol Bury, the abstractionists André Lanskoy, André Marfaing, Gérard Schneider, and François Morellet, pioneering of minimalism in Europe and master of geometric abstraction.

The title of the exhibition is inspired by the album ‘Rêveries’ (2003) by Paolo Conte, in which the musician retraces through words and music a distant past full of emotions and atmospheres.

Pic by Federico Puricelli.

White arm / Immobile / Hand of mermaid / Useless / Ebony seed / Human form / Love / Feather of a warm sunrise / I call you / Serene equity / Crystal / It is calm spring waters / The horizontal / O the falot / My hands in the night / The swinging raft / And you vague people / Bubble / You are silence.” Aurélie Nemours (Midi La lune)

Translated by Sohyeon Kim